Monday, March 29, 2010

So....... you know that previous post from TODAY!! The one where I said I was having 'issues' with posting pictures on this blog!?

Don't ask.....I have no idea how I was able to get the pictures downloaded!! This was only my 10th try at getting them here. I will just ACCEPT the fact that 'someone or something' caused me to be able to put the pictures where I needed them to be!! :-)

This is Veli Mustonen shoveling the snow off of the roof.
AND.....creating quite a mess on the side walk below. That was the clean-up Wayne had to take care of.
AND....this is the flowered-wreath I made for our apartment door......I made the smaller flowers (7 in all) and sewed them to the green felt flower I bought at Pentik. And it was on sale from last years stock. I scored on that one!
AND.... I liked making those little flowers so much that I made this HOT PAD.....that was Wayne's suggestion. I just knew there was something I could do with them!!
Not quite finished yet. I will cut the dark green felt background out tomorrow morning and sew the front to the back. AAAHHH!!

HELSINKI MISSION WEEK.....we will see how it goes.

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