Thursday, March 25, 2010

PAR - TY !!!!!

And last night (Wednesday) they really threw a GOOD PAR-TY!!!
They LOVE to sing and dance........This is the Branch President from Samara singing a song to 'his flock'!!
I am not sure who is better at taking pictures......the Chinese or the Russians. They had a lot of camera there!
I made and handed out 8 cross stitch temple pictures last night......7 to those who received their own endowments this week at the temple and one to the interrupter. She was a tremendous help. Could not have done it without her. She was soo good!!
And I had a 'special' needle felt heart for Sisar Valilieva. She was a temple missionary when we first arrived here last summer. It was so good to see she and her husband again!
What a great, fun evening!! SPASIBA!!!

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