Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Trash taken out........ Check
Laundry done........ Check
Wayne's hair cut........ Check
Packing done....... OOPS!! Not ready to go yet!

I guess we still have a few more things to do before we leave tomorrow morning!
It snowed pretty much all night. That meant Wayne would wake up at 6:00 a.m. and get out there with the snow blower and snow shovel! Even with his little snow 'buddy' not here to help him, he was still out there.
After Wayne had worked for about 2 hours, he came in for breakfast. We looked out the window and there was the Temple President (on the Left)....President Haikkola and Veli Mustonen (Temple engineer) propping up their shovels and wondering what to do next!! It was just so funny to watch them looking around and wondering!!
Having had his breakfast, Wayne was back out for the next round of clearing out the snow. I looked out the window and noticed this school class going through the parking lot.
When they reached the top where Wayne was working (in front of the temple), they turned and came down the stairs and back out the gate. When I asked Wayne what that was all about he said they thought there was a 'short-cut' to the highway where they were going to catch a bus. How funny!!! At least they got a close up of the temple!

Now, we need to get serious and start packing. President Haikkola is driving us to the airport in Vantaa in the morning so we can pick up our rental car. We were going to get a cab, but greatly appreciate his offer of a ride!! That will save about 30 euros! Kiitos paljon President Haikkola. We are looking forward to this road-trip adventure! Driving up to SEINÄJOKI tomorrow. About a 5 - 6 hour drive with a stop in TAMPERE to see a few things. Will check in tomorrow night!! :-)

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