Thursday, March 11, 2010


It has been very nice just to relax and try to recover from our 8-day trip. Last night we had a gorgeous sunset!! What a great way to be welcomed back home....our favorite view!
And we noticed that 'Frosty' has pretty much given up the 'ghost'!! The card Chelsea v. put on him back in December has now been mailed back to her, as we promised we would do. He has been so much fun to have around.
And this morning we got up at about 7:30 a.m. to a gorgeous sunrise. The sun is coming up earlier each day and setting just a little later each night.
Wayne fixed RIISIPUURO for breakfast this morning. It takes 45 minutes to cook. And a constant stirring at that. He must have gotten bored with not much to do within arms length of the pan because he 'arranged' all of the butter knives I bought on this trip and took a picture. Kind of cute I think. Notice the 'bobbin' in the upper right corner. That is an actual 'bobbin' used for the lace making!!
And the finished product. It was sure good!!!
We went over to Sello to do a little grocery shopping. Came back just in time to see this little 'ice-chopping party' going on!! L to R.....Matti (asuntola employee), President Haikkola (Temple President), Sisar Haikkola (Temple Matron) and Veli Mustonen (temple engineer). Not sure how hard they were actually working but it looked like fun any way!!
President ja Sisar Haikkola headed up to the temple to take care of some business. Sisar Haikkola stopped to try her hand at a little chopping.....purse in hand!!
And President Haikkola grabbed Wayne's new camera and took his picture!! KIITOS PALJON President Haikkola!
I added a new 'game' app on my iphone.....Traffic Rush. It is a fun little, free game. Wayne decided to try his hand at it. There was a big family 'apps' discussion going around on the e-mail today. Thought we would chime in!
It has been a great day relaxing. And it is good to be 'home'!!

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