Monday, March 22, 2010

BUSY DAY......

We started our P-Day off by Wayne getting up at 5:00 a.m. to start shoveling the newly fallen sow that we had overnight! Add another 4 - 5 inches.....when there is already 3 feet on the ground, what's a few more inches!!

I had my 5-week cycle of a haircut. We walked up to the hairdressers.....about a 40 minute walk each way. Tulla is just the sweetest thing. I really like her. She only does a 'cut' blow dry or anything else. That is the way they work it here in Finland.
On our walk back home, Wayne was just intrigued with our 'shadows'!! Go figure. He pulls his camera out of his pocket.....and there you have it!
Not long after we arrived the BUS from SAMARA RUSSIA pulled up. It was good to see some familiar faces!! Just like 'old home week'!!
With these folks here this week, I found out there are SIX SISARS here to receive their own endowments!! I thought I better get my fingers to work, and fast, to have a little temple picture ready for them!!
THEY ARE READY to hand out at the appropriate time!! Can't wait to give them to them.
It WILL be a very busy week. I am so glad I can do some of the ordinances in RUSSIAN because I will need that!!!


  1. Your cross stitched pictures of the temple are beautiful!! I'm sure they will treasure these.

  2. KIITOS PALJON!!! I hope they will look at them and remember the importance of the temple in their lives!