Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The asuntola had a lot of snow that looked dangerously precarious!! Just a 'hangin on the edge' ready to hit someone in the head walking on the sidewalk below.

Veli Mustonen is the temple engineer. He came down on Tuesday to see what he could do about it......short of climbing on the roof! That would have been even more precarious!
It was amazing to watch (from the safely of our apartment) how he was accomplishing this little 'task'!

Actually it was a pretty BIG task because of the height of the building. And the snow was pretty 'crusted' and not soft and fluffy at this point. That made it a bit harder to get off.

He had this HUGE, LONG stick with a 'T' thingie on the end of it. That seemed a bit hard to manage just watching him. BUT he was successful and got a fair amount of hanging snow and ice off. Right after we took the picture below, a GREAT BIG OLD BLOB came down. AAHH that felt soooo good!! Great job Veli Mustonen!!

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