Thursday, March 25, 2010

All missionaries LOVE getting mail. Senior missionaries are NO exception to that!

Yesterday, Wednesday, Wayne got a package from Joanne Runkles. It was a belated BIRTHDAY PACKAGE! My cost her $40 some to mail it! AND, there were TWO cake mixes and frosting. We will definitely enjoy celebrating for a while.......RED VELVET and CARROT CAKE!!! Two of his favorites.

And, also yesterday, Sisar Haikkola (the temple matron) caught me as we were leaving the temple. She had a large candy bar for me with a note attached. It was from Veli Kelley! Bless his little heart! We had given a large candy bar to he and his companion in Hämmenlinna Branch a month or two ago when we were visiting there. They were also there. They were starved. Had no food with them. As luck would have it, we had brought several candy bars with us. We have learned that we also have something on us. We gave it to them even though they did not want to take it from us!! So sweet. Veli Kelley left yesterday to go home, having finished his mission here in Finland! Can you believe that. What a sweetie for doing that.

THEN....... When we got home from the temple today, there was yet another package for us. It was from Karen Sparks, a sweet friend from home. She was so thoughtful for sending this. Had some fun goodies in it.......snack mix, Scentsy travel fragrant things, lotion, Maryland note pad and magnetic!! I think she wants to make sure we don't forget that we are from Maryland and we still have a home and friends there. And we got a long e-mail from her as well this morning.
FUN.....FUN.....FUN.......FUN MAIL DAY!!

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