Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day #4......


And only 30 pictures today! There has to be something wrong with that. There was a bit more driving today as we started (or really continued) our journey down the Western coast of Finland.

We did spend an extra hour or so in Oulu before leaving there.
There is a 'famous' statue of a polisi (squished-down version they call it). Cute little thing. They even have souvenir pins of this little guy....which, of course, I purchased one of!
This is part of the little tori area.....most of which is closed because it is......yup, you guessed it! It is WINTER and so very many things are closed at this time of the year.
The Oulu Train Station. We have been here but only seen the back-side as we went up to Lapland last September by train. Very nice old building.

As we got to Larsmo (known for its 7-bridge Island because you cross 7 bridges to get from one side to the other!) we noticed some folks out on the river doing 'ice fishing'!! So cool to see them actually doing that. Just a sittin there on the ice with their holes to fish in!

This is the very first CHAPEL in all of Finland....Larsmo Chapel! A family lived here and they sold the building to the church after which it became a chapel in 1948. The saints met here until a chapel was built in Pietarsaari (Jakobstad) in the 1960's. This home is now privately owned by non-members.
We stopped at the K-City Market to pick up a few things. Where else would you find these types of 'transportation' than in Finland. LOVE these skate-sleds!!
Our Jegend Home Hotel is located in Pietarsaari right next to the Skata area.....old wooden homes. They are so cool looking. Very 'Russian era'.
The chapel in Pietarsaari Chapel is located on the outskirts of town. It was built in 1969 and dedicated in 1970. Notice the church sign above..........Swedish and Finnish. The congregation is half Swedes and half Finns. Will be able to tell you more tomorrow when we go to church there.
The setting for the church is a park. Don't know how the church was able to get that property. It is very nice!
Got settled in our hotel room......very, very nice. Great view.......3rd floor....large windows. Glad we can be here for 2 nights!! Another GREAT DAY!! LOVING OUR WESTERN FINLAND ROAD TRIP!!

FYI.......The Finnish name for this community is PIETARSAARI; the Swedish name is JAKOBSTAD.....that is why you see BOTH names!! Interesting.

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