Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day #8..........

RAUMA TO.......

What a WONDERFUL trip......but what a wonderful feeling to be back home again after our 8-day trip!!!
Our drive today was a short one.......about 2 hours down the road from Rauma to Turku.
Wayne got so bored that he started taking pictures of the road signs that we are so used to seeing! Fortunately, we did NOT see any moose on this trip....just a lot of signs. Below are the 'mile markers' they use here in Finland. They have so much stone, why not use the materials on hand!!
We had planned on touring the Turku Castle again but, guess what?? It is Wednesday and the castle didn't open until 12:00 noon. It was a 45 minute wait and we decided we didn't want to do that. So, we just saw the outside. That is okay. It is a short drive back up there if we want to see it again!
We did take a picture of the huge church not far from the Castle. And it is through our DIRTY windows. My heavens, the car is so filthy!! Glad we don't have to wash it before we return it to the rental car place!
SO........2 more hours drive and 9 tunnels later........
we arrived at our 'home, sweet asuntola, home'!!! Was a wonderful site to behold!! Again, through our dirty windshield!!
Wayne was so happy to be home that he grabbed the shovel and 'pick' and started chipping away at the ice on the sidewalk!!
AND.....he got HIS new camera!!! Just like mine only a different color. He is in 7th heaven having that in his hot little hands!!! AAAAAHHHHH the comforts of being home!! Notice my lace table runner on the living room table in the right corner of the picture. LOVE it. That is the one we bought in Rauma.

THE END.........

Hope you enjoyed our little 'LOMA' with us!

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