Thursday, March 18, 2010


You may remember seeing about our 'special' visitors here at the temple this past week. Greg and Linda Christensen from Wallsburg, Utah. Linda is the artist who painted the mural here in the Helsinki Temple. As well as murals in 15 other temples around the world. She does beautiful work. And we recognize some of her other beautiful paintings she has created.....for instance her painting entitled 'Reunion'! (check our her website at
After they left last night, having prepared a candle light dinner for the 4 of us, we were getting ready for bed. Low and behold.....there laying on our night stand was this gorgeous pencil drawing of the Helsinki Temple out our bedroom window. She had drawn that as a surprise for us! We were beyond THRILLED!!! What a special treat for us.....and she even signed and dated it.
And from that same window this morning.......7:00 a.m. sunrise!! The days are getting longer and we couldn't be happier about that. Even though we still have 2 feet of snow, there is HOPE!!

We will take Greg and Linda to the airport this morning. They will head back to Utah.

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