Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Off and running again! No time for sleep here.....all FUN and GOOD things!

David and Becky wanted to go to Sello Tuesday morning to 'see what it was like' where we go shopping so much! So, off we went. We have a 2-hour block of time to cover it all!!

We ended up having lunch there as well and guess who we found!! YUP.....Kent and Barbara Michie. So we joined them.....then we headed back to the apartment so we could get ready for the temple.

David and Becky went with us to the temple and enjoyed being there.
After the temple we headed over to a SCRAPBOOK EVENT that Becky had been invited to as a 'guest' to make an appearance. That was fun because the gals that were there were so excited to see her.
The shots below (and above) are just a sampling of the gals at work!
Svvi Hyssälä got a bookmark from me several months ago but I did not get a picture with her. Until Tuesday night!! And now I do......she is Outi Suominen's daughter.
As one of the door prizes, Becky gave away a DIGITAL version of the Project Life. This gal was the winner. She was sooooo excited. And she is into digital scrapbook.....totally appropriate that she won it!!
Some of the gals gathered around for their turn to have their picture taken with Becky. So cute to see them gathered on the steps....waiting!
There were 3 gals who put this event 'together'......L to R.....Linda, Outi and Heini......Becky had a little gift for them. They were so pleased and excited!! It was a great evening and fun to be there with all of those excited Finns.......

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Becky and David are headed over to Savonlinna for a couple of days of sightseeing on the east part of Finland.

And the FUN continues.......

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