Saturday, June 5, 2010


They are such a cute little couple. Their first baby is due the end of AUGUST! She says it is going to be a BIG GIRL!! I believe it. There is a 'temple hare' story associated with Brat Golovin. He was trying to find the temple some time ago and could not find it. He saw a hare in the path where he was walking. As he was trying to get around the hare, it was as if the hare was trying to 'lead' him to the temple. At one point he looked up and there was the temple off in the distance. He has actually confirmed that the story is true and it was HE that had that happen to him!
We are hopeful we will be able to see them at least once more before we go home...and when the baby is born! I made her a cross stitch temple picture with a pink ribbon hanging from the hoop. Sisret Golovin told me she was going to hang the picture by the baby's bed so she can see the temple as soon as she is born! How sweet......
The above picture was taken at 10:30 last night......looks like the middle of the day. The Golovin's were just sitting on the bench talking. They looked so cute. Just had to take their picture. Within a few minutes a MOTORCYCLE came down the steps being driven by someone who didn't care about the sacredness of the property he was on!

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