Thursday, June 17, 2010

M O S Q U I T O S ........

There seem to be PLENTY of those little critters this year. We are told by the local Finns that is because we really didn't have a spring. I thought we were having spring NOW! These 'buggers' are a real nuisance!!
(YES, I posted a picture on an earlier blog but wanted to elaborate a bit more of these pesty little things!)
The one above is on Wayne's hand!!
The one below is on Sisar Multämakki's eyelid!!
Last year up in LAPLAND, we bought a "mekeeter' swatter (as my mother used to call them). This is serious business when they make them in LEATHER!!
AND on a brighter note. In the mail today I got a package from Monna Vihavinen from Oulu. Last August I worked with her in the Distribution Center. She was just so sweet. I LOVED the green (vihrea) wooden bead necklace she was wearing. I tried to find one and couldn't!
Can't believe she even remembered that from that long ago. ISO KIITOS PALJON Monna!!

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