Sunday, June 6, 2010


Go back to a weekend (actually a Friday night and Saturday) in September 2008 and we were in LAHTI visiting people at the church, having no idea we would be here a short time later serving our mission!! The picture below was taken at that time at the SKI LIFTS right in the middle of town!!

And, below, RIITA NUMERTO was a young lady in the ward I gave a cross stitch Washington D.C. Temple picture to. She told me "I LIKE SURPRISES".
And, I had yet another SURPRISE for her at church today.....yes, a counted cross stitch BOOKMARK with the Helsinki Finland Temple on it! She was tickled to get it. She has grown up in the last almost 2 years!!
We were able to visit with the KATAJA PERHE (family). The mother in the family, Leena, was just a little girl when Wayne was a missionary here in Finland. Her maiden name was MULTAMÄKI!! Yes, the one and only Multamäki Perhe that he was instrumental in baptizing! What a great family they have been in the Gospel all of these years.They were going to make two trips to get their family home after church because one of their cars was broken down. We were able to take the 'girls' and 3 daughters.

Before we left church today we had a return visit scheduled with the MICHIE'S and all four of us will be speaking! That is just the way it 'works' here in Finland. They LOVE to have the missionaries speak in church. And we LOVE to share our testimonies!!

Great Sabbath.........

THIS WEEK AT THE TEMPLE........FAMILY WEEK!! BUT, we have a lot of Russians coming too. And a large group of 18 missionaries from NOVOSIBIRSK toward the weekend. FUN!!

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