Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Missionaries LOVE to get 'snail mail' from family and friends! Well, today we got a package from home. ISO KIITOS PALJON Steven and Elinn for putting it together and sending it over.

We 'needed' a couple of things and we got them and a couple of surprises!!

My surprise was a MAGNIFYING MIRROR you put around your neck.......hands-free. That way I can see to do my cross stitch better. I use 18-count for the bookmarks. It is a bit hard to see. Oh My......what a difference this little gadget makes. Just may save my eyes......and coming from our Optometrist Son. He is looking out for his mother's vision! Sweet!!
And Wayne got 3 more yellow sticky notepads. Well, we will both use them. These little things are quite expensive over here. But, then again, everything is expensive over here.
It has been a good day in the day! Everyday is a good day. Both Wayne and I were able to get some good 'training' time in with some new workers.....both Finnish and Russian. It is so great to see them 'shine' when they learn how to do new things!! Such great people.

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