Saturday, June 12, 2010


TO MIKKELI with the Michie's.....

This time the Michie's will be speaking!! AND.....I remembered my SKIRT!!! :-)
The last time we were here with Kevin and Lauren (about 5 weeks ago) we SPOKE in church AND I forgot my skirt!! What a horrible feeling I had. But not this time.....
Same scenery and more pictures of some of the statues we see along the them. And the flowers are in bloom this time too.
Some of the pictures may be a bit blurry because we were traveling at about 120 km per hour....not room to slow down with cars right behind us. Better than nothing.
Rooftops taken from our hotel ....... 5th floor this time.
The beautiful Blooming LILAC trees were everywhere on the big Lutheran Church grounds just a block from our hotel....HOTEL CUMULUS. We have stayed here several times before.
And below are a couple of pictures of the Big LUTHERAN CHURCH......the Lutheran Church being the National Church of Finland.
Beautiful lighting if I must say so myself!!
Another statue on the church grounds.
After dinner we decided to walk around a bit. It was a pretty stiff breeze and chilly at that as we walked around town. We decided since it was so chilly we would stop at McDonald's and get some ice cream. Just seemed like the thing to do!
With me are Barbara and Kent Michie.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow........

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