Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Anteeski for the delay in finishing out weekend trip to Mikkeli. We were in a hotel on Saturday night with internet connection. On Sunday night we stayed in a member's home with internet connection.....and had none until we got home on Monday night. It was too late for me to do the 'rest of the story' until tonight.

SO....... THE REST OF THE STORY IS........
We attended the Mikkeli Ward for church on Sunday. Veli ja Sisar Michie both spoke.....we had given talks a month back. We got to attend and relax.....Here Veli Allgaier ja Veli Michie are with 'their' Sisar Multämakki. They were instrumental in teaching and baptizing the entire Multämakki perhe (family) 47 years ago. Veli Miles was the 3rd missionary involved. The Multämakki have been one of Finland's stalwart families all these years. And their 4 children and grandchildren are also great leaders in the church here in Finland. LOVE THAT FAMILY!! They are near and dear to our hearts!
Also at church was Sisar Kärki. She was in the Joensu Ward when Wayne served his mission. She came up to us after church and presented me with a MISSION PICTURE of Veli Allgaier.....way back in 1962 - 1965!!!! What a treasure. She has held on to it all these many years. She presented it to me and said it was now in 'my keeping'......she had taken care of it for me!! What a TREASURE!! It will be framed nicely!!
After church it was off to the Ojala's for dinner and then to the Multämakki's for the remainder of the evening. (although we would be spending the night at the Ojala's)
Boys will be boys.......big boys and little boys! He balanced that pretty well don't ya think.
Mervi and Lauri and the kids took us old folks on a 'walk' in the woods to see the war trenches!!
Mervi just thought I was so cute with my 'fancy' Sami purse and mosquito hat!!
Beautiful WEEDS (as the Finns call them.....I call them FLOWERS) everywhere!!
In the Multämakki's kitchen.....my goodness they know how to feed you!!
Mervi is a singer.......professional and beautiful voice! She showed me her 'shoes' that she bought at an antique store a long time ago. She told me to try them on!!! My gracious I haven't had heels on that high or pointed for a very, very, very long time!! Took me back a bit to much younger days1
Observation Tower in Mikkeli.......
And speaking of MOSQUITOS!!!! They were out in full force......thousands for sure swarmed around us.....if not millions!! They were just horrible!
We took a walk over to Veli Multämakki's grave. Actually Kent and Barbara and Wayne and I walked and Sisar Multämakki rode her bike. She is quite good at riding it too!!
Anja and Leea sitting of Anja's 'war trunk'. This is the war truck that Sisar Multämakki escaped with when the Russians took over the eastern part of what was then Finland. She has never been back there but next month will go back for the first time with her children! I am sure that will be an emotional trip for them!
Above and below.....sitting around the table enjoy one of several meals we had with them over the course of 2 days!!
I told you Mervi was a musician......and singer!! She has produced several CDs and is currently working on another one.....church hymns in both English and Finnish. She has a gorgeous voice. She played and sang a couple of songs on the new, and upcoming, CD. Can't wait to get my hands on it!! She also sang the DISNEY 'beauty' songs for the movies!!!
On our drive home on Monday night we had some beautiful sights.....reflection in one of the lakes.....
stopped and saw the big old wooden church in Mantuhäju..........
and a familiar sight....always a passing train!
What a wonderful weekend trip....another one! What will we do when we no longer get to have weekend trips like this and we are no longer on our mission. OH how we will miss this wonderful experience we are having!!

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