Thursday, June 10, 2010

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Meet the HINTIKKA PERHE (Family) from Jyväskylä. They have a farm there and grow some great tasting food. You can see that they have their hands full with 5 active boys!! The oldest two are old enough to participate in baptisms at the Temple. They come here on a regular basis! They are so faithful. Their parents are teaching them WELL!!

When we have PERHE VIIKO (Family Week), that means that families can actually stay in the same room together. Normally we have boys in one room and girls in another. That way all of the bunk beds can be utilized and get more patrons in the guest house. So PERHE VIIKO is a special week we have about 3 times a year.
The pansies are just gorgeous now. They have filled in nicely......just in time for the SUMMER FLOWERS to be planted on Monday.....yep, these flowers will all be pulled out!!! :-(
Soooooorrrryyyyyy.....we just can't resist pulling a weed when we see one. Bare with us....we need to have a little 'hands on' since we left our flower beds and garden at home in Maryland!

Sisar Alakoski was at the Temple today with her husband. They were in the Temple Presidency with President Luthy. We just love them. They are wonderful. And Sisar Alakoski is a GREAT SEAMSTRESS!! I have purchased many things from her.
Sisar Alakoski knows how to get just the right shot!! She is also a great photographer!! And she has published books to show for it.
I had a little 'owie' a couple of days ago. Thought I would throw that shot in as well. I had an encounter with my curling iron. And guess who won!! NOT ME! I think I am on the mend now. OUCH....OUCH....OUCH!!
WELL, Saturday when we finish working in the Temple we will drive over to MIKKELI with the Michie's. The MICHIE'S will be speaking in church on Sunday.....not us. Since we spoke last time, we get to 'rest'!! And I hope I won't forget my skirt this time either!!

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