Friday, June 18, 2010


Veli Leppänen had a 9 hour surgery on Wednesday. It was back surgery. He was in a car accident a few years ago and he has been in a great deal of pain since then and it was getting worse. He is an elderly man in his 80's.

We wanted to go see him in the Hospital. We took the bus down there. On the way out of the Temple Complex we noticed some 'art work'. Looks like the work of ANASTASIA KAZAKOVA. She is quite the artist!!
We must say that she did a good job!! Notice the word "XPAM" at the top (pronounced HRAM). That is Russian for TEMPLE. She and her parents are from Moscow (really Podolsk near Moscow) and are here for two weeks. Their last time before Kiev Ukraine opens the end of August) and they are enjoying it!!
Outside the Hospital we saw this STATUE! Love the STATUES here in Finland. I think I have said that before.....
Unfortunately we were unable to see Veli Leppänen because he is ICU. Only family members are allowed in!! We did write him a note and had his nurse take it back to him for us. We will check on him later.....
After getting home, we needed to walk up to LIDL and the POSTI for a couple of quick Friday afternoon errands. The above bush was just too pretty not to take a picture. We love our spring here.
And these flowering WEEDS outside the temple grounds. Would love to have weeds like this in our yard at home!!
We noticed the TEMPLE SIGN facing the main road has been painted BLACK. Don't know when they did that.
And, of course, we end up with another picture of 'our' TEMPLE!! How fitting!!!
Good day......excited about Becky and David arriving Saturday night!!!

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