Monday, June 28, 2010


It was a gorgeous day and guess who we 'ran into' on the trolley!! YUP.....some of the missionaries headed to meet up with other companionships!! They were going to have a fun day playing 'tag football'!!
Our FIRST STOP was at he TORI by the docks!! It was a 'full-house' as far as vendor was concerned!! GREAT SHOPPING DAY!!
STOCKMAN'S was a must because they had a HUGE 40% OFF SALE ON JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!!
We totally SCORED on some new walking shoes and snow-shoveling boots for Wayne and a new pair of walking shoes for ME!! All on 40% off sale!!
We hooked up with BARBARA AND KENT for lunch at wonderful FAZER'S!!!
SO love their SOUP AND BREAD BAR......all you can eat!!!
We left downtown and headed over to SELLO....for the rest of our shopping!!
And found a few more bargains there too!!! We are such good shoppers!!
And here is our PROOF!!!
Our P-DAY has come to an end and Becky and David have to leave tomorrow to head back home!! So sad to see them go! But we have had a FANTASTIC TIME and we know they are missing their kiddies as much as their kiddies are missing them!! :-)


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