Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Y E S ......

It feels sooooo maybe I can contribute something more to our work here in the Helsinki Finland Temple!!

I am almost 'there' with adding yet another language to my 'list'!! That of

The picture below is of a PLATE from Lithuania that the Pecilius gave us shortly after they arrived here on their mission. I treasure it! Has many happy thoughts when I see it!
And the 'group picture' taken on MONDAY from our BOAT RIDE with the President and Matron.......again, .......well, you will be Veli ja Sese Pecilius standing to our immediate left. They are wonderful. Sese Peciliuene is the one who has helped me learn some of the ordinances in Lithuania. I am so excited to have some Sese's come from their home branch next week so I can see how well they understand me!!

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