Saturday, July 24, 2010


The Michie's .... The Groberg's ...... and Wayne and I headed to RAUMA today for the Lace Festival event......

We had been planning on this for the past 4 months now. We were looking forward to it.

In front of our BEST WESTERN motel located about 2 blocks from the MAIN EVENT (held in the OLD WOODEN HOUSE section of Rauma
Just to make sure our car is protected at night, they have an old 'bomb shelter' converted into a parking garage!! And they lock it at night!!
Yet another STATUE in this little canal.....3 'bathing beauties' with an approaching boat.
Had lunch in a little cafeteria at the TORI
Beautiful handmade lace everywhere!!! Just gorgeous....hard to choose just 'one piece'!!
Another statue.....a lady making lace taken in March of 2010 (this year)......
......and NOW, July of this year!!! What a difference a few months can make!! :-)
Wayne at the 'helm' in a MARITIME MUSEUM....
Tomorrow.....CHURCH IN RAUMA WARD where some of us will speak and sing and whatever!! Should be a fun day!

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