Sunday, July 11, 2010


We went to the HÄMEENLINNA BRANCH today for church. Kent and Barbara spoke.

We had dinner with the Michie's this evening.....homemade chicken soup and cabbage salad. Very good.....hit the spot. I made Barbara a Finnish blue and white hot pad....because she wanted one that color.
Then we had a missionary 'gathering' to enjoy some dessert together....Sistra Zina and Veli Pecilius went berry picking yesterday afternoon. They served up some berries and 'pancakes'......before we had a 'SING-IN'.....Sisar Groberg played the piano for us.
Everyone enjoyed the dessert very much!
And, I have to put a little note in here about VIRGIE WILLARD, my aunt who lives in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Virgie is the oldest child in my mother's family.......Virgie turned 95 YEARS OLD on Friday, July 9th!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIRGIE.......we called her on Saturday and talked to her. She was hard of hearing us but sounded fairly good otherwise.....maybe a little out of breath. I would be too if I were 95 years old!
Tomorrow: PD....and NOT going to Helsinki.....going to SEURASAARI, an Open Air Museum about a half hour away!

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