Monday, July 19, 2010


We like those once in a while....

Feeling better today.....only slight 'residue' of the stomach pains so at least we are headed in the right direction!

We have a few errands to take care of at SELLO and my HAIR CUT!!! Opposite directions from each other and we had to do everything by 'foot' because both mission vans were being used by others!!
As we were nearing Sello, we had a POSTI GUY pass us......they are just so cute with their POSTI BIKES.....NO cars for these folks!
The FINNS do love their bikes.....even little grannies have bikes and they use them!
The fields seem to be very pretty right now......this field is behind the asuntola.
AND.....walking home from my hair appointment.....LEIKKAUS!!!
And TUULA gave me my next LEIKKAUS appointment.....goodness, the summer is gone already! FALL will begin next month!!

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