Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"H E Y
V I R G I E ....."

Received word last Saturday night that Virgie fell at home. Her injuries were more than her 95 year old body could recover from!!

Received word Wednesday that she peacefully passed away at the Baptist Hospital in
Winston-Salem, North Carolina (same hospital my mother was in just before she passed away)

The pictures below were taken on July 11th of this year (as in 2 1/2 weeks ago) when Virgie celebrated her 95th birthday!! AAAHHH sweet celebration time for her and her children and grandchildren!
Virgie will be missed. I don't remember my childhood at all without Virgie and Troy (her husband) a part of it.
Faye holds Virgie's birthday cake for her. Faye is the oldest of Virgie's children......Faye, Randall, Gary and Sharon
I can only imagine the PARTY going on in heaven right now.......Virgie and Troy, my mother and father, Annie Gaye and Herman, JohnLee, Granny Jones and Grandpa Jones, Grandma and Grandpa Marion, Annie and Pearla and so many more family.....all sitting around a pump organ and singing and having a good time......and PUNKIN in the middle of all of them. Now there is a picture!! :-)

July 08, 1915 - July 28, 2010

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