Sunday, July 18, 2010



Not sure what I had, but some kind of a little 'bug'!! My stomach sure hurt...started hurting on Saturday morning. I was hoping it would get better.....but with no avail!!
CHURCH was just not in our agenda for today! So sorry to miss.......but I spent more of the day in bed resting and trying to feel better.
Along about noonish, I was able to get showered and dressed.....and we decided to take a walk around the temple grounds to get out and get some much needed FRESH AIR!! It was very nice outside today. We have had a real HEAT WAVE going on here this past week. Finland have not much of anything air conditioned.....and why would they! When summer only last about 3 weeks a year, that is one expense that can be saved!!

These are some shots on our walk today......just a lot of pretty flowers...and lots of BEES!!
We got 'up close and personal' with the TEMPLE SIGN. Those yellow flowers in front of the sign......swarming with bees!
The pink and white flowers are finally looking better.....they were pretty sad for a while after they were planted!
Just love, love, love the beautiful flowers.
Even the weeds!! Wayne just couldn't stand seeing them where they were NOT suppose to be.
It truly has been a relaxing day......feeling a bit better.....hopeful to be back to 'normal' by sometime tomorrow!! Walking to Sello for errands and then walking to my hair appointment.

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