Friday, July 16, 2010

more ROSTOV RUSSIA friends this week.......

We started the week off with another WEDDING..... Tatiana Golina, whom we met several months ago when she and her mother and 2 other sisters where here at the temple. She was hopeful she would return in JULY for her wedding!!! And she was indeed here and got married!!
THEN.......May 14, 2010 ...... Tatiana (standing on my left) with sisters and mother.
NOW..... July 14th, 2010 you can barely see Tatiana standing on the temple steps in her wedding dress!! OH so happy......
We had 4 women who came to receive their own endowment! And they were so cute and so happy......and you know what that meant.....

Yes...... a counted cross temple picture!!

We 'found' a rainbow out back of the asuntola! KATYA just 'knew' that was 'her' sign that all would be well!! Heavenly Father's way of 'letting' her know!!
Left to right: TATIANA PASHKINA (returning long-time temple worker....she handmade and gave me a beautiful orange lace doily), me, of course, SVETLANA KUZMINA (new, first time), and KATYA(new, first time)
Katya, me and MARGARITA USTINOVA, new first time.....
PIOTR (Peter) KOVAL was just so ambitious!! He accomplished so much of his own family work this week!! Way to go Piotr!!
AND.....VICTORIA BAGMANJAN was here again his week. She got a counted cross temple bookmark from me last time!!!! A felt heart this time!! With Katya.....what sweethearts!!
A very fitting end to a beautiful day (and week) with Rostov here!!! GORGEOUS SUNSET taken at 11:05 p.m........although the SUN is not set yet, it was still very, very pretty!!

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