Friday, July 2, 2010


This has been TAMPERE VIIKO and it has been good to see a lot of familiar faces and folks that we call FRIENDS!! They are so wonderful and we just love them.....

On a recent ROADTRIP to LAPPEENRANTA with David and Becky, we stopped at an ABC gas station and convenience store. I 'found' some pretty yarn that I just had to have....knowing that I could figure out something to make....something simple and useful.
I ended up making simple little DISH CLOTHS. And then I could just make one or two for me......NO that would not do!! I made one for each of the sister missionaries. They are so sweet to 'put up' with my wanting to make things and sharing them......bless their little hearts.


  1. So, did you crochet the dishcloths? I LOVE to crochet - have 4 projects going right now. Just last night I crocheted a flower shaped dishcloth for a friend whose birthday is next week. I enjoy your blog!

  2. Yes, these were very, very simple.....I love to do lots of projects with my hands.....Thanks for checking in on our blog! Glad you enjoy it!