Thursday, July 22, 2010


The ESTONIAN Saints are a great group this week. So much work is being accomplished! And, I think I mentioned, that Wayne and I have added another language to our growing list of 'tongues'!! YES....Estonian! Swedish needs to be next for me....Wayne already has that one 'down'!!

Our FIRST wedding for the summer from St. Petersburg was Wednesday! Such a cute couple. And so in love......
President Haikkola was walking up to the temple as they were taking pictures! Perfect timing to get the President in the picture.....just as though it had been planned!!
They are cute aren't they!!
MEET: Aleksandr and Margit Timakov from Tallinn, Estonia. They came over to our apartment Wednesday night after our temple shift and our weekly meeting with the President and Matron. They were skyping with Steven and Elinn from our computer and made some plans for their upcoming visit here to Finland and Estonia (S & E and J & T that is). Elinn knew them when she served her mission in Estonia back in 1994 - 95!! Small world in the church!!

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