Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our day in RAUMA today would be attending the RAUMA WARD. What a great ward it is. The Michie's spoke in Sacrament Meeting. The Groberg's, the Michie's and we sang "SAAN KÄYDÄÄ TEMPPELIIN" as the intermediate hymn. I think it turned out quite well!
We had our picture taken out in the front of the chapel.
And another picture taken inside the chapel before church began.
After church we had 2 DINNER APPOINTMENTS.....Us and the Groberg's went to the MÄKINEN'S and the Michie's went to the LAINE'S.

Here we are arriving at the Mäkinen is a beautiful home and very tastefully decorated. Very 'classy' just like they are!
The dinner table was set soooo beautifully!
Veli Mäkinen was in charge of cooking the SALMON on the grill.....and boy was it delicious!!
After dinner we walked down to the shore of the GULF OF BOTHANIA which is just about 1/2 kilometer from their home!! Nice!! It was quite windy down there.
And here are the cutest little couple!!! VELI JA SISAR MÄKINEN
On the way from their home we drove by Pispa Hilakari's home at his invitation to see his wonderful wood sculptures!!! They are just amazing!!! He is very talented.
And they have this cute little, small river running through their backyard. Just right there.....amazing. OH but wait....we are in FINLAND and this is the country of MANY this should not come as a surprise to me at all!!!
And back to the hotel for the night. Tomorrow: Off to TURKU to meet up with the other missionary couples and President ya Sisar Haikkola for a BOAT TRIP!!!

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