Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T H E N .......JULY 2009

We first 'met' the STREKOZOVA family last July 2009 shortly after we arrived here in Helsinki and began serving our Temple Mission!! What sweet young ladies. They found a Young Women Logo pendant in the Distribution Center. We just 'had' to buy a little gift for them......and they were soooo excited and very, very surprised! We hoped they would be able to come back in a year for another temple visit. You see, they live on the other side of Russia and it is not easy for them to get here........
This is (L) Marina and (R) Margo with mother, Lidia, in the middle.
And one more big HUG from 'my' girls!!
N O W .......... JULY 2010

Our young ladies have GROWN UP in the last year!! And become even more beautiful than last year!!
This time I made a little Temple Cross Stitch for ALL THREE of them......
And....they seemed to be very excited and surprised!
A little GROUP hug!!
And, less the boys be left out!! Lidia's son on the left.....SASHA KOZYREV. What a great family.....and we will miss them terribly when they have to go to the KIEV TEMPLE beginning next month!

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