Thursday, July 22, 2010

STOP ME......

You may think all I do is 'projects'! Well, when we are not working in the temple and traveling around to the wards and branches to visit saints in outlying areas, I certainly DO work on projects. I love making and giving little gifts wherever we go......'just because' and to show appreciation for dinner invitations, etc.

I decided I wanted to 'find' a crochet project that I could do quickly but looks nice at the same time. I think I found one!! On the internet no less!! (Isn't the internet wonderful for finding 'things' quickly and easily!!! Got to love it!)

My first recipient for this project was Sisar Anja Multamäkki!! She is just the sweetest little thing......this is the sister that Wayne taught when he was a young missionary here. This picture of us together in front of her little 'grandma (babuska) house was taken in summer of 2009 shortly after we arrived here in Finland)

When I work on my projects, it is usually on our sofa in our small little living room area. We have just the most perfect view of the TEMPLE!! I am always getting distracted and looking out the window......saw this pretty cloud formation and couldn't resist 'just one more picture'!! ANTEEKSI!!!! Just have to 'put up' with that!!

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