Thursday, October 15, 2009


We continue to love the fall colors here.....although they are not nearly as bright and colorful as what we have at home. They are still pretty.

We have had a lot of wind lately which has knocked a lot of the leaves off the trees. However, there is the one big tree between us and the temple that is trying really hard to hold on to 'her' leaves as long as she can. She doesn't like the idea of winter weather either!! :-(

Sorry for the poor quality of this iphone picture. With my camera broken (that would be Vicki) I have to use Wayne's. I am not too familiar with his 'buttons' and how thing work. I think you can get the picture of what kind of weather we are having right now......cold!!
THEN......we got an e-mail from Steven sending a couple of pictures of what our home and yard look like now!! AAAHHH the beauty of those trees in front of the house.....and with the Finnish Flag flying! How pretty!
And the yard actually looks fairly nice as well. Frank Woullard has been taking care of it for us in our absence. He seems to be doing a great job! Thanks Frank!
THEN.....another sign of the times and seasons here at the Helsinki Temple!! A moving truck pulled up to the front door of the asuntola yesterday! Not a good sign. They brought a lot of boxes so they could start the packing process for the Luthy's! That means they really are going home. Actually in about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks they will leave. They have been away from their home in Utah for about 5 years now. They deserve to go home and rest a bit and catch up on family and friends!! Bless their hearts. They will be sorely missed here at the Temple though.

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