Tuesday, October 20, 2009


SUNDAY was a lay-low day. I was still sick and Wayne decided to stay home and take care of me! I so much appreciated that. Not that there was anything he could do......I just basically stayed in bed and slept most of the day. But just knowing he was close by was peaceful and reassuring for me.

We did manage to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon......I like reading at least one chapter day so I can keep my reading skills with the Finnish language! Maybe someday I will be able to to understand what I am reading!! :-)
On MONDAY NIGHT we had a special 'meeting' with President and Sister Luthy to 'discuss some pressing issues for us missionaries! President Luthy said he did not have an 'agenda' when I called in the afternoon to remind him of the meeting. I told him....NO WORRIES! We missionaries had our own 'agenda'! I could tell he was a bit nervous! And he should be!
We have the 'meeting' in the asuntola meeting room on the first floor. We had it nicely decorated. Lots of delicious food!!
After we had a bit of a program where President and Sister Luthy talked about their 4 different experiences here in Finland and ate, it was 'gift' time!
As a group we bought the Luthy's a beautiful silver reindeer candelabra and candles. They loved it and did not previously have one.
We also made a little memory book and gave to them. They especially liked the pictures of some of the folks! I also cross stitched a Logan Temple picture with their wedding date and names on it. They were very pleased with that. It was a great evening and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time......especially the Luthy's! As they should have. THEY WILL BE MISSED!

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