Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ACTIVITY DAY BRACELETS -- 1st 'installment'

Sooooooooo, when we got our care package from the activity day girls and Daisy Shipley yesterday (from the Monocacy Ward), we were so excited because we have Lithuania Saints here this week and we felt sure we would have some youth here to do baptisms!
Indeed we did......4 young women and 1 young man.
When they finished the baptism assignment this afternoon, we invited all of them to the asuntola 'common area' where I brought the tray of goodies! When I took the cover off, there were a lot of 'OOOOHHHHHs' and 'AAAAHHHHHs'! They were excited. We told them they could pick out one bracelet to keep as a remembrance of their trip to the temple.
And here are their choices! Even the lone young man picked out a bracelet.....maybe a gift for his mother or a special 'girl friend'. The choice is his!

They totally loved them! :-) Thanks Monocacy Ward activity day girls!!

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  1. How fun! I know the girls here in the Monocacy Ward enjoyed making them.