Saturday, October 31, 2009


After a very busy day at the temple, we decided we needed to
mak a little Hesburger Run! Yes, no cooking today!
On our way to the car, we decided to take a picture of the
"no gate" entrance to the temple property. The temporary
fence is ALL GONE! YEAH! Love the new look!
We will see what the new gate will look like!

And Wayne posed where the old temporary gate used to be!

And still on our way to the car, Wayne saw Veli Multimaki and
wanted to talk to him for a minute. We have been invited
back up to the Mekkeli Ward.....and I have to speak this time
with Wayne!! Oh my....better start now to prepare!

We finally made it to Hesburger! I love their Arizona burgers.
We went with the Groberg's this time.....again! Dick and Ronda.

And we had to have some ice cream for dessert, of course.
The ice cream here is so good......

Now we are going to go 'grave hunting' to see what we can find. This is, afterall, All Saints Day (they don't celebrate Halloween here but it is basically the same!).

Happy Halloween everyone!

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