Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We found out last night who the counselors will be for the next Temple Presidency! We have been waiting for several months to find out.....President Haikkola got permission from Salt Lake to make the announcement!

Drum roll, please.........THEY ARE........

1st Counselor & Assistant to the Matron.....President & Sisar Vorimo (they have been serving as 2nd Counselor and Assistant to the Matron). We met the Vorimo's September 2008 when we came here to Finland on our Baltic Cruise with the Ream's. The Ream's daughter married the Vorimo's son. Small world.

2nd Counselor & Assistant to the Matron.......President & Sisar Roto. Doctor and Sisar Roto we met several months ago (actually not long after we arrived in Finland). He is not completely retired and continues to work (more on the business side of medicine). Actually Sisar Roto is also a physician. Wayne works with both of them when he needs to prescribe medicine for any for any of the missionaries that he sees. Now we will see them on a regular basis and he won't be as hard to 'find' when that occasional prescription is needed!

The above picture is candidly taken at the Gee's 'farewell' event that was held last August. President Luthy and the to-be-president were even then discussing 'things'! We have come to love the Haikkola's. They seemingly have sought advice from both Wayne and I the entire time we have been here. It was at their request we have been called to the Instructor Coordinators in the temple. We have hit things off really well with them. We already know we are going to miss them when we have to leave!
This picture was taken with the Vorimo's the very first Sunday we arrived. It was stake conference and we got to chance to get reacquainted with them. It will be fun to continue our work with them.....they are over the instructing and we, therefore, will work directly with them.

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