Monday, October 26, 2009


Saturday night was the BIG FAREWELL DINNER for the
Luthy's. It was held at the Asuntola dining room.

This was a beautiful night shot of the temple at
about 7:30 p.m. Thank goodness we started daylight
savings time tonight. We needed the extra 1 hour!

A nice picture of the current Temple Presidency.....
Left to right.....

President Alakoski
President Luthy
President Vorimo

A nice picture of the current Matron and her assistants.....

Sisar Vorimo
Sisar Luthy
Sisar Alakoski

A very nice hand-painted picture of the Helsinki Temple.
This was a gift to the Luthy's from the Jakko's daughter.
She is pictured with Sisar Luthy

Couldn't resist......President Alakoski wearing an American
flag tie and Wayne wearing a Finnish tie.

On Monday, our P-Day, we headed to the Dentist office
again in downtown Helsinki. Wayne had a filling that
had to be replaced! It ended up being about 100 euros
cheaper than we thought! Yeah for that!! :-)

We got the cutest pictures from Steven and Elinn of our
sweet pets at home!! They are being well taken care of
by Steven and Elinn and their family.
Here is Madi acting just like the true Princess that she is!

And Punkin loving her comfy bed!!! And she loves that
blanket. S & E tried to buy her a new one but she always took it out of her bed and put it in the floor. She just didn't want anything to do with it!! Cutie-patuties!!

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