Monday, October 12, 2009


We decided that we wanted to go downtown Helsinki again said RAIN! But that was not going to stop us.

But, first, Wayne made me a breakfast of crispy bacon, hash browns and toast. My favorite breakfast. It was so good.
We went to find a 'new' tori in another part of downtown but it was not a very good one....not much 'fun', vegetables. I bought this little Christmas tray at the Posti shop. They have some great things there.
Last week Wayne had one of his crowns come out!! :-( We knew we needed to find a dentist and get it fixed. There is an LDS Dentist downtown. We had her address and decided to stop by to see what her schedule way. 'I can see you in a few minutes'!! We got lucky. She was able to fix it....cost of 70 euros. BUT there was another filling that needed some work. Two weeks we will be back there and that one will cost 200 euros!! YIKES!
The next stop on our Birthday adventure was at the jewelers shop, Jari. Jari is making some temple jewelry and we are overseeing the selling of it at the Distribution Center for him. Poor Jari, he has all of this construction going on in the building where his shop is located. What a mess. This is the entrance to it.
And, this is Jari!! He does very nice work. When we got inside Wayne told him it was my birthday and that I could buy anything in the shop I wanted!! Bless his heart. I ended up buying 2 rings and Jari made 2 pair of earrings to match for me. What a great surprise! You can see Wayne in the mirror taking the picture. Right after he took this picture, he dropped the camera!! Oh my goodness. How did that happen. Just slipped out of his hand. (A new camera is being ordered from Amazon even as we speak!)
It was time to get back to the asuntola because I had to work in the Distribution Center. The Russians has arrived from Rostov, Russia. I ended up working there for 4 -5 hours. It was long and hard work. There were so many to help. AND not only did we have Russian BUT we had Russian SIGN LANGUAGE!! My goodness. AND, it was snowing by the time we got back. A soft snow is falling tonight....pretty!
By the time I got home tonight about 8:00 p.m. I had not had time for either lunch or dinner. Wayne surprised me with a little birthday cake (perfect size to share with him!) AND Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream with lots of nuts! It was SOOOOOO GOOD!!! KIITOS PALJON!
It has been a great birthday! FUN.....FUN....FUN.....

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