Monday, October 5, 2009


YUP......that's right! We got home from Helsinki today and had a care package waiting for us. It was from Daisy Shipley and the activity day girls!! Bless their sweet hearts.

Included were: homemade cookies, Reeses peanut butter cups (YUM!), dryer sheets (got to love those since we can't get them over here!) and 30 handmade bracelets that the girls had made themselves. Can you believe that. We are going to have so much fun giving those as gifts to the youth who come here to the temple to do baptisms!

We will take pictures of the youth that we give them to and e-mail the pictures home so the girls can see who was the recipient of them! They will be thrilled on both ends of this sweet little project! Thank you Daisy and activity day girls!

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