Tuesday, October 27, 2009


How to communicate with both Russian and Finnish Sisars while I am speaking English!!! AND have both of them understand me!

Answer: It can't be done!! But we had fun trying! Smiles can go a long way but doesn't solve all of the questions!

As training coordinator for new sister workers in the temple, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. This was one of 'those' days! A brand new missionary couple from Lithuania that speak Russian. YEAH....that is a great thing, especially since this is Moscow West week! I am still 'going to learn Russian' ordinances but have not gotten there yet. Haven't had time to study! Not only am I training this new worker, but I am also still training a new Finnish Missionary worker that has been here a couple of weeks. She does not speak a lick of English. At least this new Lithuanian sister speaks a couple of English words! Somehow we manage and somehow it 'happens'!

This picture was taken of us as we headed up to the temple to work our afternoon shift today. A senior missionary couple took it for us. They are from the US but serving in Russia. We remember them from several months ago when they came to renew their visas, which those missionaries have to do every few months. We just love the 'fall' colors right now. Soon that will be replaced with the fluffy white stuff!! :-(

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