Saturday, October 10, 2009

How do you say Good-Bye in Lithuanian?


It was just so sad today to see these great people have to leave and go back to Lithuania! They were wonderful to work with. They only get to come to the temple twice a year. I promised 'my girls' that I would make them something next spring when they com! And what languages did they bring with them this time?? Of course, Lithuanian and also Russian and Chinese (Mandarin, yes, Mandarin) and somehow we got a German in the midst of them! Go figure!
Here they are loaded on their bus. They will go to the dock in downtown Helsinki, take a ferry ride over to Estonia and from there take a train or bus back to part of Lithuania!
And, this was the view from our living room window as they left. We waved to them and they waved back!! SOOOOO SAAADDD!! :-(

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