Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sello Hotelli Restaurant
Held on Saturday, October 3, 2009

My goodness, yet another senior missionary couple has come to the end of their temple mission!
This is the 2nd time now since we have been here that we have had a 'farewell and appreciation dinner' for a senior missionary couple who has finished their mission here!
Becky and Jaye Goodliffe have become good friends, just like the other couples have!
Some of the many people who came to wish them well as they leave to go home!
The Groberg's and us were asked by President & Sister Luthy to organize this dinner. We chose to 'eat out' rather than having a potluck! Good choice we feel!
Here is a picture (above) with the Groberg's along with the Goodliffe's and the entire current Temple Presidency.
And a picture of us with the Goodliffe's and Temple Presidency.

The next 'appreciation dinner' will be held in 2 weeks (October 17th) for the Russian missionary couple....the Vasiljev's. They will be returning to Russia. They have been here for 2 years. The next couple to be 'honored' will be US!! Yes, in 15 months it will be our turn. We are not looking forward to that!

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