Friday, August 7, 2009

WEll, I thought I was finished 'posting' for the day. And then the Russians had their testimony meeting tonight!! They are just the sweetest people!

But first......later this afternoon we 'caught' Olga, a 12 year old Russian, trying to 'talk' to a 'friend' she found her in the asuntola. He is a Finnish young man who doesn't speak a lick of Russian...and Olga doesn't speak a lick of Finnish. Fun to watch!

And then in the midst of all of the hub-bub was this guy from Chile who checked into the asuntola. He was here in Finland to run a marathon. He is a member and is planning to be at the 9:00 a.m. session in the morning. I think Wayne be the only worker who can speak Spanish so we should be in luck!!

This is a partial group shot after the testimony meeting. They love getting pictures and remembering their wonderful time here in Finland!! Some of these great people may not make it back here for years to come!

This sweet gal came to the temple for the first time ever to receive her own endowments. She was just beaming. It is fun to see how these saints come to the temple and their countenance just changes during the week while they are here. You can see it in their faces and you can feel it when you talk with them!

And the infamous 'map' shot......Chile on the left and parts of Russia represented by some of the folks who have come here this week. It simply amazes us as to how far they come to be here. We are so blessed in America with so much! We just don't understand how good we have it!!

What a wonderful week!! Thank you NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA!

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