Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wayne had to 'cover' the desk this afternoon for a bit so our Russian missionary could help with some Russians in the Temple. I went down to be with him and so we could catch up on our Finnish scripture reading for today.

While there, these young women came over to visit with us. They are just the sweetest!!

The 3 young women that are here this week with the Russian group are so cute. The tall dark haired gal and the shorter brown haired gal are sisters (17 and 20 years old). They drove 5 days from Siberia to get here. The youngest, who is 12, is the 3rd Y.W. The blonde haired gal is married but good friends with them.

The youngest had her Russian CTR Ring on. Cool!!

Wayne and I catching up on our Finnish scripture reading while sitting at the 'desk'.

It was fun to visit with them.....and learn a little more Russian!

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