Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brother Snelnov and his 2 daughters just fell in love with Dad and I. He was so wonderful to work with. He said "I love you guys"!!
Andrey was dad's 'personal interpreter'! He also fell in love with Dad! He was a great young man.
This sweet little sister was in a wheelchair but also had her crutches with her. She was a trooper.
This young family came to be sealed. She is expecting their third baby (a girl) in late September. She was not sure when they would be able to come back again!
Some of the saints got together before leaving for home today to sing song out of the hymnbook. They love to sing. This is only a few of them.

A FUN week with St. Petersburg, Russia saints here has come to an end. We hate that!! We get so attached to these people that we just don't want them to go home. They really have a great way of growing on us!! The impression we have is that the Russian Saints are strong in the gospel and have real testimonies. We know we are working with the 'cream of the crop' with those that come, but nevertheless, they are wonderful people! We just want to do whatever we can for them! Here are a couple of pictures of some of the folks in the group!

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