Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baking in Finland.....this is NOT American baking, Houston!!

I decided we have been in Finland long enough, and it was about time I tried baking some cookies! NOT my chocolate chip about oatmeal, chocolate chip, nut cookies!

Wayne and I went shopping to find the right kind of flour (they must have 30 different kinds of flour! NO fooling!), brown sugar (which is also NOT like American brown sugar), vanilla flavoring was left in the apartment, thank goodness. The flavoring here is powdered! Chocolate chips do NOT exist here either!! How to get a large chocolate bar and cut it into chunks!! Yup, that's how you get chocolate chips here!

Sunday afternoon seemed like a good time to try my 'experiment'! Relaxing afternoon. I mixed up the batter, sifted my flour and other dry ingredients together, chopped my chocolate and ready to bake.
Oh, and did I tell you......they don't have cookie sheets here either!! SO.....broiler pans are what they use! With baking paper over top of the pan. What can I say. Do as the Finns do.

Actually, they turned out pretty good. Not like mine at home, but hey, we are not at home!

I suppose I will be ready to do more baking when I need to!!

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  1. How very interesting! I never thougtht baking cookies could lead to such an adventure. :)