Friday, August 7, 2009

This has been Novosibirsk, Russia week. It has been a fun week and the time has flown by way toooooo fast!! These are the 3 YW that came along to do baptisms in the temple twice a day.....once in the morning and once in the afternoon They have been so fun to have here. Olga, the youngest at 12 yrs. old, has been wired and full of energy!

As usual, I made them each a Helsinki Finland Temple cross stitch picture with the understanding that they have to come back to see us before we leave our mission here in December 2010!! They said they would! We hope they can.

We will miss them when they leave tomorrow. They will have 3-
5 days to travel back to their homes.

Preparing mentally now for next week......St. Petersburg, Russia. And again, I remind myself that we learned Finnish because.....!!

We LOVE this work here and wouldn't trade it for anything!!

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