Tuesday, August 11, 2009

St. Petersburg, Russia week has begun. There are a few faces that we recognize when they were here last month. Because St. Petersburg is relatively close (only about 3 -4 hours away), they can come more often than other saints in Russia.

Because we are on the afternoon shift this week, I was asked by Sister Anne Luthy (the Temple matron) to come and help in the Distribution Center at 6:45 a.m. and help with those who are coming to the temple for their first time. We had anticipated there would only be one person and therefore did not need to open up on Monday evening. There actually turned out to be 3 and she wanted to open early this morning. It is always for me me (Vicki) to be able to help them. They are so grateful for what is done for them........very big discounts so they can afford the clothes they need, alterations to the dresses and pants (if needed) by the other Sister Temple Missionaries and whatever else they need. It is a wonderful service that is provided!

I was very impressed this morning as I walked through the Asuntola meeting area. There seated in a circle of chairs were the 12 youth (here to do baptisms) reading their scriptures in preparation for going up to the temple! What a sight! If only I had my camera with me. But then, that was so special I would not have wanted to take a picture of it. You can see that in your mind's eye I am sure. These youth all dressed in their Sunday best and preparing to enter the Temple. And it appeared that their Seminary teacher was sitting amongst them and supporting them in this endeavor! Choice young people! And we get to work with them all week long!!

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