Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun P-Day in downtown Helsinki

Great story behind this book! Wayne wanted a larger version of a Finnish-English Dictionary. There was one here in the apartment left by the previous missionary couple who lived here, the Larson's. We found one on E-bay or Amazon but it was $50, plus shipping. We decided we would look in used book stores. We went in this one used book store this morning. Wayne told the guys what he was looking for. The guy walked over to a shelf, pulled the book down and said (in Finnish) you mean this? Sure enough....excactly like that! And the date in the book was 1962, the very year Wayne arrived here on his mission. And the best part.....5 euros!!! We bought it quickly before the guys realized that the price was really cheap!! Wayne was like a kid in a candy store!! Love the look on his face. He says he is going to take this book to bed with us!! :-)
We love the rocks here in Finland. They are everywhere! This rock is next to a city building (in the background). They are just so cool looking!
This was the cutest little souvenir shop that the Gee's had suggested we go to. They had some unique things. The lady was just as sweet as could be. We just chatted away for several minutes.....told her we were missionaries here for the Mormon Church and serving in the Mormon Temple. She knew what and where that was!

All in all.....a great P-Day!

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